Hiring Smarts by JobsHQ 4 Things Today's Job Seekers Are Looking For

4 Things Today’s Job Seekers Are Looking For

When looking to fill a position, most employers have one goal in mind: recruit top talent. Who’s the best fit for the job? Will the person be productive in our company culture? And ultimately, who has undeniable talent that will help our company grow and, therefore, increase revenue? As the one doing the hiring, your…
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Employer Branded Content Marketing

How Employer Branded Content Marketing Helps You Recruit Better Candidates

You may think that recruitment marketing is just posting your job openings online and sharing them to your company social media channels. Which, in a way, is how it may appear on the surface. But this is only part of the online recruitment equation. Content Marketing goes to another level, adding depth to your recruitment…
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Agreeing To An Informational Interview

You get an email from someone asking for an informational interview. You don’t know this person, but the email is polite, courteous, and non-demanding. The person simply wants to buy you a cup of coffee and ask questions about your job, because he is also interested in a career in your particular field. Sounds harmless.…
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How To Conduct A Successful Workplace Survey (With Usable Results)

Employers love surveying their employees. Surveys are a great way to gather copious amounts of feedback regarding a variety of topics—workplace wellness initiatives, corporate culture, employee engagement, healthcare benefits, event themes, food and office supply needs. You name it, and some company somewhere has likely surveyed their employees about it. Organizations that successfully survey employees…
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